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Well it's nice to meet you, {{answer_48838148}}.
We're Mark & Type.

I mean, it's not like our names are "Mark" or "Type".
That's just what we call us.
...sorry for any confusion.

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Great. And what's their website?

Or Facebook.
Or Instagram.
Or Tumblr.
Or whichever place on the internet best represents them.

So anyways...let's get down to the nitty gritty.

—Ignacio (Nacho Libre)
So what is it that {{answer_48838194}} does?

And most importantly, why does it matter? *

Take some time to describe the target audience.

Go ahead and get specific.

If your target audience is everyone, your actual audience will be no one.
—Sean McCabe
Who else is doing what {{answer_48838194}} does?

Just to give us a bead on the competition.
Throwing a few links our way wouldn't hurt either.
And what makes {{answer_48838194}} different than the rest?

What's your edge?
Alright, let's talk this project specifically.

What kind of work are we doing? *

What do you need Mark & Type to do?
Describe the style that you're going for. *

Be as descriptive as possible.
Feel free to provide links to examples that might paint a fuller picture.
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When do you need everything in hand?
What does success for this project look like?

What would make this a win for {{answer_48838194}}?
And why do you want to work with Mark & Type?

I mean, we'd want to work with us.
But we're a little curious why you want to.
Anything else?

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Specific considerations?
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